What does the Technology have to offer for us?

The meaning of learning is now positively changing. Starting from rote memorization to learning through black board instructional teaching, learning has taken a huge leap today. What is fascinating being how the ground rules have never changed, of making learning a better experience. With this in mind, the strategies used and the measures undertaken have improved and increased rapidly and significantly. Technology also has the potential to act as a major tool in terms of connecting with younger generation and as a pedagogical tool. Take a look at why Schools in Hyderabad are taking this initiative seriously.

What are the prospects?

There is a reason why technology is now being taken seriously and practiced in many schools. The government too has realized the need for it and has taken steps to include them in the educational sector. But, why at all?

  1. Fostering engagement: The immediate result of technology-based learning is craving space for an interactive and passionate learning. It is always interesting and easier when you study geography with Google Maps or Google Earth, than through a simple picture that is given in a text book. Children the world better with real world examples than through simple images or diagrams.
  2. Enabling real world learning: Concepts are retained better in memory when the kids can relate their learning to real world case studies and examples. An internet facility in classroom will thus quickly put them in touch with such real-world scenarios.
  3. Simulation: How exciting would it be to actually see the mechanism of different machines and how they work, or even the planetary movements? How a cyclone forms or how the dinosaurs lived can now be explained with modelling software. Thus, the access to learning is now enormous and unlimited, coupled with excitement and fun.
  4. Working groups and competition: Technology provides a ground for students to discuss and debate on various issue. Online mock tests and quizzes are a great way to pump up the motivational level, thus increasing the amount of learning they take away. Opinions on major issues and smaller debates are a sure way to learn, that children will learn to listen from others and receive feedback from them. Working groups will help to create such groups for interactional spaces.
  5. Role of the teacher: The role of the teacher is reduced to that of a coach, who provides support and guidance. Teachers also help in academic training, problem solving and in decision making. Guidance is essential for a safer way to achieve the goal.

The role of technology in classroom is truly multitude. What goes without saying is the students are always the gainer. Their experience is made better and the shift of teaching from the traditional methods is sure another excitement that the students will look forward to. While all of this is kept in mind, the schools are also aware of the risks involved in this. Teachers have always been the mentors who monitor the students to make sure they are using the technology the right way. With limited and sufficient access to technology, we can be sure that nothing will ever go wrong.

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Digital Literacy: The Future of our Education System

Education has a come a long way today. While classroom education is still hailed as the best way to impart knowledge, minor reforms within this sector has given rise to a lot of positive results. With the shift from word-of mouth teaching to black board demonstrations, there has been a significant rise in the overall understanding of concepts by the children. The next major shift was the introduction of digitized modes of teaching. Some of the major Schools of Bangalore are utilizing it the right way.

Role of digital classroom in redefining education

The major aim of education has always been an unequal imparting of knowledge to all the children alike. While this remains grounded, practices undertaken to make it more accessible and understandable to the children have become robust. The buzz word today is digital classroom. They have been known to create a reform in the educational sector. The major goal of classroom education has been to foster a friendly environment to all the students, so that they can learn and clear their doubts without an iota of fear.

They have altered the perspective of the students towards studying. In doing so, they have also helped teachers to prepare lessons in multi-media, that will ensure limitless fun whilst studying.

The classroom becomes the hub for international activities that will create more meaningful opportunities and endless learning, all through apps and other presentation that are more graphic in terms of teaching. For example, there is a lot of difference in drawing a sphere on the board and trying to explain how many sides are there as opposed to actually showing a 360-degree view of the sphere. Two things happen in situations like these. One, the child learns things more realistically and two, a sense of awe is created in the child and thus the child wants to see more and learn more. Graphic representation will ensure the concepts are retained in the memory for longer periods.

Digital literacy will make the child responsible in terms of utilizing the technology to learn newer things. The digital world today, offers many competitive platforms where actual learning exercises take place through games and quizzes. The child not only gets interested, but also learns newer things in efficient ways.

Digital learning tools are more far reaching to the students. It has the potential to even motivate the usually unmotivated kids.

But we sure know that with all these bigger rewards, there comes a price. The role of teachers will get quite challenging and sometimes downright negligible. It can be overwhelming on one hand, but on the other hand, it fosters a space for them to personally grow and participate in newer ways of educating and instilling interest in the child. Digital classrooms have a lot benefits than what we can even start to describe. Various studies are now being conducted to see its cognitive effects on children. Some of them have shown how there is an overall significant improvement in cognitive control mechanisms such as attention, memory etc. Digital literacy is sure the future ahead!

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Preparing your children for the Ivy League

Your child is typically the shape of how the school has shaped them up. The many essential habits and knowledge, including the higher cognitive processes like attention and memory stems from how you attend to them and train them in their formative shapes. This means, you can actually carve them to be the person you have always wanted them to be. Their personality and character will be a whole package of what you teach them. That is why it is important to start giving them the ground to prepare them for a promising future. So, in case you are wondering how to prepare your kids early for the prestigious Ivy League, here are some of the ideas you can follow.

Preparing the ground for the future

When you teach some value or moral to your child from their formative years, it stays with them throughout their life. Start today to prepare them for a better tomorrow. Some of the CBSE schools in Hyderabad, take this seriously and have charted out ways to get going. Take a look.

Passion: The root cause of attaining success in any endeavor you choose, is the need for passion. You need to be passionate about what you want to achieve. Specifically, your child needs to be passionate in what he/she needs. Inculcate this passion in them or pick it up from what they have. This passion is an essential per-requisite to achieving the dream.

Perseverance: The next important thing to have is perseverance. Success is never achieved over night. You have to strive for days and invest a lot of time and effort to reach there. The never give up attitude has to be imparted by schools or parents to the children by actively motivating them even when they fail.

Your goal: Work towards your goal. Be sure to fit into their ‘eligibility list’ by actually working towards them or taking up courses that are a per-requisite. This means, you might have to travel on a very challenging school life and some extra courses. But don’t give up. Attaining the goal usually comes by crossing the many different roads that take you there. You have to cross these roads to get there.

Skill set: Refine your skill set. You need to start writing to get there. Apply your knowledge and take a vow to refine your writing skill. Talk to people who have embarked on the journey and know what to expect ahead on the mission.

While these four are not the only ways to do it, they are however the essentials in getting there.  The prime factors are hard work and effort. A sincere effort coupled with ample time, will enable you to effectively face the challenges. Once you are there, what you picked (skills) up during the preparation stage will guide you and will ensure you come out with flying colors. Ideally, you will enjoy a lot more benefits in the future with what you invest now. Sounds like a deal?

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Artificial Intelligence: The Road Ahead

The point has come where we begin to think if there actually is an area where artificial intelligence cannot be useful. It has started to change our life tremendously while proving to be extremely useful and beneficial for us. With the emergence of AI, automation has become the buzz word. Opportunity, safety and security are the slice of the bigger benefit, AI has come to offer. Automation in the educational sector started on a good note. Concepts like e Learning, and internet created the first ripple in the transformation of the educational sector. Virtual learning is now a trend and a biggest help in shaping how we will in future see and perceive education. Most of all, it will effectively bridge the gap between classroom and e Learning programs. Take a look at the many wonders it will bring about in K 12 education.

Why AI?

The smallest question ever, but a bigger answer is here. Intelligent automation is the right new buzz word. It is a mix of automation and artificial intelligence that will intelligently sense and generate huge amounts of data and other such information. They will also automate the entire workflow, thus learning and thereby adapting on the long run.

Many schools in Hyderabad are starting to explore the possibilities of employing AI to education. See what they offer.

Automation of grading system: It is now actually possible for teachers to automate grading for the multiple choices and fill in the blanks. Soon, essay grading automation will come up that will assist the teachers in the grading process, thereby allowing them more time for classroom teaching and training.

The new teacher: It can be your new tutor. With the many tools AI has, it can now be your new tutor to help students learn better. Although they are yet to think as creative and unique as the teachers, it sure is a possibility in the near future.

Feedback generation: Some schools have already employed AI to give feedback’s to the students, that will precisely focus on the performance of the students and alert the teacher where the students need attention. They will also be used to give feedback to the educators.

Making learning easier: Part and parcel of every learning strategy is the trial and error learning. The very term ‘failing’ is scary for the students and is a biggest turn off for them. Being put on spot in front of the class and peers is not an effective or a desirable solution. AI will foster a judgement free space of learning from the trial and error methodology adopted by it. AI itself will grow in such a fashion and hence will offer students some of the simplest and finest way to learn through experience.

The game changer

AI is truly a game changer. Starting from curriculum designing to helping students perform better, scientists are trying to build an effective solution to the many needed changes in the educational sector. It is not very difficult to predict where AI can take us in the future. One look its present capabilities and applications is enough to feel safe about the changes it can bring to the educational sector.

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How to Develop Self-Belief in Child?

Self-belief is a strong word. Believing in self is the first step to success. This is not just for children, but for all of us out there. Giving praise where it is due and reprimanding them when appropriate is a key step to building a strong personality. A positive sense of self is probably the greatest gift you can give your child. They become happy and productive individuals of tomorrow. However, constantly praising them, does not amount to building self-belief in the them. A right mix of appreciation and strong warnings go hand in hand and is a total must in the child’s development.

What is self-belief?

The concept of self has always been confusing. Are we what we think we are or are we a sum total of what others think we are? The debate has been on for a while. However, to define self-belief simply is to believe that the ‘self’ (in this case, you) are capable of the greater endeavors of life. A belief that will propel you to work for it. A belief that will constantly allow you to put the right foot forward. A belief in oneself that is positive. Once we set our children believe that we truly admire and appreciate their deeds, they take it seriously and strive to achieve more. At the same time, a strong dose of warning coupled with serious advice also tells them what they are expected to be and what is sought of them. Hence, the IB schools in Bangalore have made a comprehensive list of items that go into building self-belief in children.

Appreciate in public: When you know they deserve some appreciation, make is loud and let your kids feel proud. Tell them you knew they were capable of it. This way, they will start believing in themselves that they are capable of more and more.

Step back: As a parent, you may be compelled to make choices for them. Step right back. Allow them to decide. Let them make their choice and take risks. It will give them the much-needed belief that they actually can make the right choices. Rather than praising them at every step, step back for once and let them decide what they want to do.

Strictly no comparison: Do not compare your child with the other children. You only deprive them of their belief in self. Instead, you could suggest them how not to do things. It is only through a series of failures; your child will see light at the end of the tunnel.

Perfection is a myth: Tell your child how nobody is perfect. Working on the flaws might be necessary, but it is also important to channelize that energy into something they are really good at. Drive their attention there.

Telling them how good they are and how much you believe in them is not always the right way around. What is important is you have an indirect control on their actions and choices. Children today need doses of self-belief. Once they get that, there really is no stopping them.

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The Exam pressure: Handle it like a Pro!

Exam pressure is real. Some of the worst nightmares for students today is to cope with exam fever and yet to ace the exam with flying colors. Each student perceives the pressure differently. For some, it is no pressure at all, while for others, it is their biggest phobia. Sweaty palms, racing heart, butterflies in the stomach are part of the pressure. Nothing is worse than having to sit and revise for these students. Dissipating stress is the need of the hour. Once we look at closely, we’ll probably begin to wonder if pressure actually deserves so much attention.

Take a look at the CBSE schools in Vizag that effectively eliminates the pressure drama, by channelizing the energy in to something more productive.

Setting the way ahead

Much of the students’ tension and fear stems from attributing high weight-age to the word ‘exam’. Whether the boards or a class test, what is important is the focus on the syllabus and not on hyping and repeating the word often to give it the importance. Here are some of the most effective ways to handle the exam pressure.

A proper schedule

At the outset, remember to schedule and plan what you will read, how much and when. Make a proper schedule that will also list when you will take a break. Channelize all your attention to go as per the schedule laid down by you. When you make the schedule, remember to give a weeks’ time only for revision. A strict adherence to the well-planned schedule is a per-requisite to handling the stress.

De-stress yourself

Do not always think about the exam. It is important you De-stress yourself by listening to some relaxed music or taking a walk. Importantly, keep away from people who stress you out or add to your tension. What you need is some inner peace to concentrate.

A good sleep

Exams don’t mean you compromise on your sleep. Sleep on time and ensure you get up early. This way, your mind becomes fresh and you also become active. A minimum of 6-hour sleep is essential for a healthy body.

Dedicate a day for diagrams and charts

Make sure you have allotted a time for the important diagrams and charts. Practice them. Do not underestimate based on their looks. Meanwhile, it is okay if you oversleep a day. It does not mean you have to write off the day. Be yourself.


At the end of it, revise. Revision is an absolute must. Get your hands on everything you have to be prepared for the exam. Start two days early and start revising. Write down the formulas for a quick glance at any point in time.

Exams are a part of your life. There is no reason for you to fret. However, avoid thinking about them once you have given the exam. No! You cannot go back in time and change your answers.

At any point in time, if you are over-whelmed, talk to someone. You will be surprised to know you are not alone. Exams are a part, they are not everything of your life. Do not over build the concept in your head. Take the tips seriously and ace the exams this season with absolutely no fear.

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Making Memories Together: How to Bond with your Child

While it may be a boon that we are all working parents, with sufficient money and luxury to meet our child’s requirement, it is a pity that we have no time for them. In the network of busy life and meeting deadlines, we miss out a lot on our children’s childhood. Food on time, toys for company and facilities to keep them happy will not bring in the right joy in them. Connecting and bonding with them will! There is more to sitting and discussing with them than talking to them over phone or texting. Studies have shown that children perform better in schools and all other spheres of life, when they are well connected with their parents.

For those of you, now wondering the ideal way to bond with your child, this one is for you.

What matters.

Attention and time play a crucial role in getting started to bond with them. The first step however is to take the effort to do it!

Going out with them could be a good starter. Take your kids out on a date and allow them to speak whatever comes to their mind. Let them lead the conversion. This way, they will open up and feel comfortable, than being questioned by you all the time. Get them to go out for an adventure with you. Doing something exciting is a sure way to bond with them. Try a grassy ride, or a trek uphill. The next time they are going to remind you ‘mom, remember the time we went trekking?’ You are giving them so much memory to treasure. If your child loves art work, you guys could try some crafts together. Get creative with them and you could observe their ideas and what they have to say. If they love to paint, surprise them with some colours next time!

Involving the kids in your day to day activities is also important. Allow them to set the table and fold the sheets. While you may be able to do this faster, you are actually teaching them some valuable skills. Let them clean their toys off the floor. You are not only making them help you, you are also training them to be independent. You don’t always need a holiday or a festival for family dinners or outings. Organize small tea time for your kids and family. Let the families get to know each other.

What next?

IGCSE Schools in Hyderabad have seen how an active child at home perform better in school, both academics and co-curricular. While these activities may sound simple at one go, it effectively and actively contributes to the personality of your child. There is a lot of difference a human touch can contribute to anyone’s life. Dining together, going on trips, talking out all have their own magic to cement the child-parent bonding. Connecting with your kids is easy, you only need to know how.

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