Green revolution through kids

Global warming is one such thing which can snatch the entire universe in a single take and the reason and solution for it is human beings. The imbalanced lifestyles of each and every one of us lead to this stage of destruction and now only we can bring it back. But all the measures for this should be immediate as we are reaching the edge day by day.

The first and foremost step is awareness towards it as what the reason is , why it occurred and what could be done so that we can get rid of this. The level of awareness should start from the young generation because they are going to be exposed to the hardest side of global warming and the destruction it causes. As we all know children like to imitate all our actions so it is our responsibility to show them the right path which incorporate the proper usage of all the resources inherited to us. One fact we need to understand here is that none of the resources we are using is created by us. These all are the inherited wealth the nature and our ancestors kept for us and the upcoming generation. Improper usage and over immersion of carbon and carbon dioxide has brought us to this level.

The initial step should start with our children through building interest in them about the environment and aspects related to that. The key role here goes to the schools who can influence the kids more than any one. Understanding the current situation many international schools in India have taken this step to create awareness in children and through them they plan campaigns in various locations to attract the mass to the common need.

Our metropolitan cities are the most developed, crowded, and polluted places in the country. Especially places like Hyderabad stand in first when it comes to pollution. So as a measure the only possible way is to make the place greener so that the excess of carbon dioxide goes off. best Schools in Hyderabad have take up this challenge and many of them were successful in implementing it. Especially some international schools in Hyderabad like Oakridge International organized special programs called the Green Rangers for children so that they understand the importance of protecting our nature and surroundings. The school conducts various workshops to create consciousness and indirectly encourage the kids to take measures to save nature.

Planting more trees and bringing back the greenery is the only way left out for us to keep the balance in nature and protect us from natural calamities like tsunami, earthquake, volcano, cyclones and so on which are the byproducts of global warming.



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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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