Are Social Media Good for Kids?

Social media networking sites are ruling the internet world these days. Youth and children are so much into it that they don’t bother to spend their entire time in front of the sites. It is up to us to decide that whether this is good or bad. But one thing I have to say that people feel connected with each other all the time no matter in whichever part of the world they are.

Being connected with friends is the major attracting point for any young one to get into the world of such networks. But after a point the addiction it creates, is something we should worry about especially in the case of school going students. Other than the previous times children have access to any kind of media at any time due to the developments and innovations in the field of technology.

Though the positive factors exist, we have to discuss about the negative side so that there shall be a balance in the system. The over influence of social media will lead to situations where the entire study and play system of a kid will get disturbed. The ample time which they should dedicate to studies and other activities are coming down and it will create a generation who are mere mouse potato. The availability of en number of games and various other options in the social media networks are more attracting to kids than the connectivity with friends so proper awareness is the only thing we can do as elders.

Other than awareness counseling schools can take measures which can divert the interest of the students. So for that purpose the curriculum should be molded to grab the child’s attention.  There are many schools in India who focus to make interesting at the same time more interactive curriculum. Especially the boarding schools in India are adopting this methodology as they need to give more care and consideration to factors like this because children are staying away from home. If they feel any kind of lesser attention towards them the possible next step is finding ways to engage themselves into something else.

To avoid such situations schools like Oakridge International School in Vizag takes care of particular needs of each child. Not only this they have incorporated many programs to their curriculum so that the complete attention of a child is on their studies and other activities. By putting forward the issues concerned with this matter, I am not denying the fact that it also helps the kids to be updated all the time. More over children have become vey technology friendly due to the influence of such media. Social media networking is good up to level but when it becomes a part of life or may be more than that we need to pause for while, think and then continue.



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