The Little Einstein Stays Next Door

We are surrounded with a world of science where our actions, reactions, circumstances, beliefs, thoughts and everything has some direct or indirect connection with science. Proven science is what we study in school but there many scientific facts which are not completely proven even though we believe in it. That is the kind of relationship exists between any living thing and science.

Amazingly the new generation seems to be more inclined towards science and technology than the prior generation. If someone asks me about my ‘experiments with science’, I have a very bad relationship with science though I know the basics of it. Other than the basic science of my existence every other science is a rocket science for me. But when I look at the young ones I could feel the drastic difference even in their thinking and attitude towards science and technology and it gives a promising feeling towards a brighter future.

The development in the field of technology helped a lot in bringing this change. Children have access to which ever media they want to look into for better understanding of things. Even the toughest and boring science theories are now easy to understand with the assistance of a computer and internet. They have en number of choice these days which we never had and they can develop their own methodology to understand the complex math calculations and unending formulas in chemistry. Since they have such gifted talent and availability of technology we should encourage them to go ahead with their crazy ideas and experiments. After all every big theories and inventions came from such crazy ideas of our prior geniuses.

What I believe is family can give the support to child so than he/she can achieve their goal. Provide an atmosphere where they can do whatever they want and keep a mind set to listen and see whatever they creating. But other than family their school can do much more as it will become easy for them to understand what they are doing since they study the theories in classrooms. Fortunately in our country we can find several educational institutions especially top international schools in India that provide facilities for children to nurture in the field they would like to.

If we take an example like Oakridge International School in Hyderabad, the school dedicate much of its time to encourage those talents in each kid which will benefit the entire world tomorrow. Especially when the kid is more inclined to science they offer various workshops and learning programs to widen the knowledge are of the kid and help him chose his way. If all of us can promise this to each child there will be a brighter future waiting for them and us too.


About oakridgeint

Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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