How to Deal with Problematic Behavior

Problematic behavior in a child comes from various reasons like stress, physical illness, and conflicts in mind which are the byproducts of the surroundings where children belong. So before getting into any conclusions such as he/she is a misbehaving kid, they are not fit for any activities and even neglect studies, as parents and other responsible person we should try to find out the root cause and then do the solution. In many cases when parents go in depth to find out the reasons they get to know the hard truth that themselves are one of the reasons for these kinds of behaviors.

Children express their concerns and issues in a different manner like they tend to break things, neglect studies, and make fuss at food and so on. These are the basic techniques they use to grab attention and make us listen to them. In today’s busy world attention is the major thing which parents are not offering and kids are struggling to get. Another reason could be the mental disorders a child face and not able to convey as they themselves cannot understand what is going wrong. Problems like Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD], Pervasive Developmental Disorder [PDD] or sometimes Bipolar Disorder and all can disturb kids at very early age and if not cared can ruin their life.

Care and protection are the only successful remedy to such issues when it comes to kids. The first and most important step should be recognizing the problem which a child is going through. Parents can figure out it better when there is any change or variation in the behavior of their child. Other than parents teachers and friends can help those children realize something wrong happening with him/her. When it comes to boarding schools teachers play the role of both parent and teacher and they can easily understand the kids. Once we come to know the real issue bothering the kid, the next step has to be the remedy which varies to each issue.

Those children who are going under various stress and conflicts the remedy needs to be the care and stress reducing methodologies like yoga and meditation. As we said many boarding schools in India have incorporated these methods to their curriculum so that the children can get benefited. Those children who have attention problems can be provided facilities of alternative learning like experiential learning.

For example Oakridge Top international school in Vizag which is boarding campus inculcate the involvement of students in the learning process and organizes en number of workshops and classes for better understanding.Those issues which cannot be cured with awareness and special care should go through proper medication and under the presence of parents. It is always good to cure when something is in the initial stages for better results.


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