How to Build the Compassionate Feeling in Children

As we all know children have the tendency to imitate their elders from a very young age. This attitude of children can be molded in such a way that we can make them do everything in a positive manner. But for this purpose elders need to become their role models. Compassionate feeling is one thing which cannot be forced but should come from inside either or should get inspired from others. In the case of children it is the inspiration which makes them to develop the compassionate feeling towards others.

The best way to teach children this feeling is through showing compassionate consideration to other family members.  When someone at home is not well or are tired very much, extend them some care and make them feel comfortable. This scene will stay in the mind of the kid and in any other occasion when they go through the same situation, children will try to repeat what u did. Because the act of kindness make people feel good inside both the receiver and the giver.

Another possible way to teach kids compassionate feeling is to have pets at home. The way we feed them, the way we clean them and make them comfortable etc creates a positive image in the mind of the child to be nice and kind to those who are not privileged like them.  This also teaches them the beauty of non verbal communication and the feeling of affection.

Though parents can teach the basics of those feeling the major part comes from teachers and others at school in india  where the children spend most of their time. At home children learn to show love and respect to their own people. But it is in school they learn to have the same feeling for strangers. So schools play a key role here and fortunately in our country there are top schools in Bangalore  who fulfill the function by proper guidance.

For example Oakridge international school in Bangalore stand ahead among other schools in better quality education at the same time overall development of the child. So in school children need to be taught the compassionate feeling towards friends and others while playing, working together, debating, discussing and studying.Each time we take a moment include our children in the process of giving to others and showing compassion to others, they learn valuable lesions about kindness and empathy that will stay with them for the rest of their life.



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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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