Is Going to School Becoming Nightmare among Children

Abraham Lincoln said “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” School is the plays where we learn the basics of life and start social living. Here we get to realize the fact that human beings are social and political animal. We learn to make friendship and we learn to respect the freedom of others. But not for all the kids the school days seem to be good. They feel frightened and disinterested to go to school.

I was also very much disappointed to go to school in the in the initial stages as I had to stay away from family. But slowly I realized the fact that I have to go through this stage of life also. But not everyone can think like this and there could be many reasons leading it. I have observed many kids who make tantrums to not to go to school even after a month of joining or may be more than that. When we think about it deeply we could figure out that many strings are attached to it. It could be stress at school, fear for some teachers, over burden of academics etc.

Once we understood the deep rooted cause of a child through continuous monitoring, the next step needs to be ultimate care and protection; otherwise it can ruin the child’s future. Schooling should be interesting and it should create a positive energy in the kid when they think about school. Alternative learning methods can be provided such as experiential learning where the kid will be getting involved in the learning process. This will develop the creative skills of the child. Schools like Best international school in Bangalore have already proven this method and brought drastic change to the teaching system. They organize various kinds of workshops for children to attract their attention to those subjects in which they stand back.

Teachers can play vital role here as they can comfort the child with caring behavior. This will in turn create curiosity in the mind of the kid towards the subject which that particular teacher takes care of. In our country there are many schools in Bangalore that provide well trained teachers who can deal with kids going under such dilemmas. Especially international schools in India stand ahead with its world class teaching staff.

Going to school should be made colorful dreams for kids where they can have all kind happiness and get enhanced with intelligence. If these criteria are fulfilled, going to school will never be a nightmare anymore.


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