Do we need to Give Children Freedom to Choose Their Future?

Every child is a genius. The talent normally lies in them and very often many of them go unnoticed. It may not be the fault of parents or other elders but we can say it is a kind of negligence in them to underestimate or unnoticed the inborn talents in a child. Quite often as an addition to it, children are forced to follow the path which parents choose for them. Mostly the choice is not given children even though they have no flair for that particular subject.

The current trend in our country showcase almost same story when it comes to future of children. Parents and teachers are guiding children according to the way they like and enforce the same ideology in the child. For example; Engineering and Medicine is considered to be the most prestigious courses and are given promotions by schools itself. So to keep the standards in the society parents instill this idea into the mind of the child at a very young age. It indirectly drags him / her from their actual goal in life. But we should thank some of those schools in India who believe in the overall development of the child and focus on the areas where each kid is interested in. It can be sports, literature, arts, and other scientific studies and so on. Real meaning of education is not forming a generation which are mere book worms but creating a generations which is going to be fruitful for the brighter future.

The whole aim of this write up is not defame the education system and those high-end courses. The system which doesn’t support the interest of majority is wrong. There are many kids who really want to build their future in Medicine and Engineering and dedicate their entire life for it. We should actually respect their hard work and talent and should promote them in any possible way. But for this reason the other section of children cannot be forced to follow this path. As I already mentioned talents lies within the child and it is our responsibility to identify the talent and encourage it so that they can fly as much as they want.

Schools like Oakridge international school in Hyderabad is an example of this kind where children are given holistic education along with personality development. The teachers give opportunity for children to showcase their talent and are given encouragement for it. The curriculum itself is defined accordingly to help kids choose their own field of interest. Doing such they ensure brighter future and brighter generation.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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