The Different Meaning of Freedom to Children

Children are free from social constrains and does not have any boundaries to limit their actions. Their actions, reactions, dreams, craziness and imagination and all have no restriction and it fly to reach the sky. Freedom for us is a word with wider meaning and differs from person to person. But for a child freedom is always happiness and the opportunity to be what they are without any imitation of commonly followed way of life.

Eleanor Roosevelt says “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect”. Creativity comes with freedom and this is a universally accepted truth. So when we talk about creativity, I believe children are more creative and independent. Their creativity comes from their observing capacity and flexible attitude. So when unconstrained freedom is available to children it becomes easy for them to go deeper into their own world of imagination.

For us freedom might be the way we want to live and behave but when it comes to children it is the freedom explore the world around them. It is sometimes their freedom to be friendly with nature, animals, flowers, trees and so on. Parents should take care of these unique ‘freedom struggle’ of kids and understand their creativity in it. Other than parents schools can play a major role here as kids spend most of their time in schools. At school they meet many people from various backgrounds and will get to know about their ideologies, creativeness and so on. Here freedom means nothing but togetherness and affection. Also during this stage they go deeper into their meaning of freedom of choosing interested field.

Schools like Biggest international school in Bangalore provide such good space to children where they can enjoy studies with limitless freedom. Students are given the choice to select their own field of interest and are not forced to follow any conventional rules. Some might be finding freedom in creating arts; some might find it in their favorite sport, and some even in their studies. This school provides a freedom to identify individual interests and encourage in all possible manner.

After all freedom is what we all strive for and when children are able to experience it a special manner where there is no constrains and huge possibility of productivity it needs to be promoted to its maximum.


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