Children at the Stage of Growing up and Going to School

Going to school for the first time was one of the most painful days for most of us. Some might be very enthusiastic to go to school with new dress and bag but for others like me it is really heart breaking after a happy childhood with family. As grew up the concept changed and we understood the different stages of life through which all of us have to travel whether we like it or not.

Let us not divert our focus from children. The mind set and thinking of a child will be completely different we elders. They comprehend their surrounding from their observations and understandings of things around them. So when it comes to the different stages of life, especially the phase where they transform their world the experience become different and as we all know children are always very curious to know more about new things. For them the idea of going to school is an adventurous trip where they will get to explore en number of things.

But here an inevitable situation or the desperado of the story comes through the form of home sickness. Children do not realize this factor until they get separated from parents especially from their mother. Some children get adjusted to the new atmosphere vey easily but for some it remain as scary dream of going to school. Here parent can help children a lot instead of scolding them. It may not be possible for every one behave in the same manner. If a kid is feeling home sick even after a month at school, that does not mean he /she is misbehaving. There are many dimensions to it like they might be very sensitive; they may have any problem at school or sometimes any physical or mental concern which kid himself cannot recognize. Here they need immense support and affection from family.

Schools play a major part which can change this attitude of the child. If the comfortable level a kid receive at home is matched when they come to school, most of the problems will be solved instantly. Fortunately many schools in India have organized their school atmosphere to make children feel comfortable about the place. Schools like Oakridge international school in Hyderabad concentrate mainly on this mental situation of young kids who join newly and they take care of them completely. The soothing behavior of teachers is a good example to it.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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