How far playing any game help children to be active

Playing any game can keep us active and this is a scientifically proven factor. It gives us focus, dedication, enthusiasm, sportsman sprit and confidence. If this is the case with we elders; then you can imagine how much helpful it can be to children.

Games are always considered as a method of physical exercise but these days the definition is changing according to the life style and now games are considered to be the main entertainment, physical exercise, stress reducer, and for some people it is meditation. Some of the games involve high end use of our intelligence and helps us to develop the brain in a very positive manner. Since we consider childhood as the stage of growth, appropriate exercise needs to be given both body and mind.

If we observe around us we can figure out the factor that those children who are actively involved in any form of games seem to be more active than the mere book worms. As I already mentioned, along with physical strength it keeps them mentally healthy and live. Modern medicine suggests different types of brain games to children who are suffering from mental struggles or problems than medication. Brain games provide focus and concentration for a longer period and help the cells of brain to pump more blood and oxygen into brain. If there is ample blood circulation in brain, there is less chance of mental stresses.

As responsible parents it is the duty of every one to encourage children to engage in any games rather than spending time in front of television all the day. Though there are contents in TV good for children, excess addiction of it make children lazy and a couch potato. To avoid such dangerous situations, parents should also involve with children in their games and make it interesting for them and follow it as a daily routine. Other than parents schools and teachers can play a major role in this as the child spends more time in school. Many schools especially boarding schools in India have made it mandatory to include games into curriculum and they are promoting it at their maximum.

Schools like Vizag Schools proved this with their never ending support to children in sports and activities. They have incorporated it into their curriculum and encourage their students be active in all spheres. After this is what we want from the schools to build a generation which is physically and mentally fit to fight with their circumstances.


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