The World War Takes between Parents and Kids Regarding Homework

Do you feel that home is becoming a battle ground at nights and week end when you deal with the monster of home work? Then you need not worry, it is the same story with every parents. There is no surprise that every child will consider their elders like antagonist if they insist them to go ahead with home works. Parents believe the problem lies in the kid and kid thinks the problem is with their parent. But the real issues go unnoticed all the times.

Before taking any measures just pause for a while and think that ‘which child will like to do something that is unpleasant and boring?’ instead they will be more attracted to those areas of games and play which is interesting to them. Most of the kids would prefer to go for video games, riding their bikes or just roaming with friends when compared to their home works especially after a long school hour. So it is clearly understood that here attitude is not the problem. The problem here is the methodology we follow to make children go deeper into studies.

From parent’s point of view when child is showing disinterest toward home works, it indicates that they have lost interest in studies or they are not respecting their elder or even they are into some bad companionship. But we need to understand certain factors that before getting into any such conclusion you should analyze the issue and talk to the child about it in such a manner which they can understand. Then only we will be able to find out the real issue. Once if we are clear about what is wrong, then finding solution is not a tough task.

The problem could be the difficulty a child face when they are over burdened with studies. School hours are normally very heavy and even after coming to home the process carry on. So the main thing here need to be changed is the process of education where les home works are provided and most of the study is over within the class time. Teachers need to make sure of this idea so that so that children get breathing time. Fortunately many schools in India follow this method these days to lighten the burden.

Schools like Oakridge Bangalore Schools  focus on this and make studies easy. Even if there are any home works they are made easy through various experiential programs to attract the interest of the kids.  Even parents can help children in this by making their home works interesting with real life projects and examples.




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