Over Protection and Care makes Children Runaway Responsibilities

Abigail Van Buren once said If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders. During our parents’ days people used to be more responsible to each other, to society and family. They had clear idea about their life and what they are aiming to reach. But today’s generation does not realize their responsibilities and goal of life and rather seem to enjoy their present. It is very easy for parents to blame children on this matter and they say it is the attitude problem of this generation.

But if we really look into it, are we not responsible for the situation in which our children are there? It is over protection and cares we have provided at various stage of life have made them paralyzed. We are responsible for this situation and no one can run away from it. If we look around us we can parents who are cleaning their children’s rooms, picking up left-behind messes around the house, apologizing for their kids, easing their disappointments, or even typing their teen’s school papers because they could type faster. Isn’t this enough for children to get used to not take any responsibilities on their own?

In order for children to learn how to do hard things, you have to let them go through hard times. There is no way to truly master something without experiencing it. These are a group of parents who clear all the mistakes done by their children. But there is another group of parents who try to prevent problems before they happen. They tend to monitor each and every thing their children do and prevent them from enjoying their freedom.

So why is this happening I think that as technology expands and our kids are exposed to more and more new things, parents get more anxious. They want to protect their children from harm, which of course is their responsibility. By doing so we are making them ‘good for nothing’. Whatever the reason, it’s vital that we get children accustomed to fixing their own problems and taking care of their own responsibilities because let’s face it— you simply will not be able to fix their problems forever. Eventually, your child will learn that if he acts like he can’t do it, someone will come around and do it for him. This is what we call learned helplessness. Start handing some responsibility back to your child today so that he can start learning how to deal with this crazy thing called life. Other than parents schools can also instill such qualities in children to know about their responsibilities. Thankfully we have many schools in India who satisfies all these.


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