How to make Meditation a part of Child’s Life

Voltaire once said “Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” Meditation provides innumerable benefits to the mankind. Meditation enables human beings to experience divine powers. It also enables to imbibe qualities which help human beings to face life with courage and strength. It helps to overcome difficult situations in life by enhancing patience.

So if we are trained to do meditation from a very young, then most of the difficulties and problems in life can be solved with peace of mind. It is very important to encourage and teach our children various forms of meditation which will help them in both their studies and personal and social life. Meditation is a relatively big word for most children. This word is sometimes a foreign concept to adults and therefore can be intimidating to the facilitator/Parent. However, it is a big word for something very simple! Meditation can be simply closing your eyes and listening to the wind. Meditation can be feeling your heart beat. Meditation can be sitting quietly while you journey to wondrous places.

Before beginning a journey meditation, ask the child to close her eyes and think about what her bedroom looks like. When she opens her eyes ask her, if your eyes were closed when you saw the picture of your bedroom, then how did you see the picture? Performing this short exercise and participating in a discussion about it should alleviate any fears associated with not being able to meditate because it really is that easy.

Next, explain to the child how people usually position their body during meditation. Then let them know any position is perfect as long as she/he is comfortable. Remind the child that she/he can meditate anywhere. In fact they can meditate for a few minutes in her school classroom without anyone knowing what she is doing. They can even meditate with her eyes open if she prefers. All forms of meditation fall into two basic categories. There is the mindfulness meditation form and then mind-focused meditations. Mindfulness meditation is the practice of clearing the mind, becoming the witness, and transcending the mind. Mind-focused meditation is the practice of using the mind as a tool for self-improvement and connecting within. You are practicing this form of meditation when you engage in creative visualization, guided imagery and breathing exercises. Many best schools are using and encouraging this lot to keep children away from stress and worries.




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