The relationship between children and books

Books are the basis of all knowledge and a love of reading and the written word can lead both child and parent on wonderful voyages of discovery. For no parent can possibly know the answers to the myriad of diverse questions that children ask when learning about the world, but if you can read it is possible to find out anything you wish to know, whether at your local library or on the internet. I remember a young relative asking her mother why the sky was blue and their joint discovery of the answer to that question and the pleasure that the search gave to both mother and child.

Books affect children in many different ways. Early exposure to books and being read to from a very young age have been shown in countless educational research studies to lead to increased concentration in school, a wider vocabulary, an enquiring mind and a greater ability to learn. Children are imaginative creatures and stories feed this imagination which is essential to mental and emotional development. A good imagination is necessary for scientists, engineers, poets, authors, politicians, mathematicians, scientists, and any other career.

Reading to children definitely affects children’s growth and development. Through books, children learn languages. They listen to the words and ultimately learn their vocabulary. Children also develop their imagination when looking through picture books and coming up with stories of their own. Books are essential for children’s development. Therefore, it is important for parents to spend time reading to their children.

Electronic books are quickly becoming more prominent in the field of education because of their advantages in over traditional printed text books. As more electronic textbooks are produced and utilized in best schools, we must investigate how useful and effective they are in teaching young children the important skills they need for higher learning. Research has shown that when used as a teaching supplement, electronic books have a positive impact on learning. They can be valuable in helping children with their early literacy development, reading comprehension and language development.

The effect that books have on children is reflected in as many different ways as there are children, but they can be profound and last a lifetime. I still believe that it’s not just what you read, but how you share it with a child that makes the difference. However, it’s clear that the type of book really can influence how you share it with your child and how she or he will participate.


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