Excess Aggression and Anger in Young Children

Do you have children with anger problems? Are you exhausted from constantly battling with an angry child who can’t control his temper? All children behave badly from time to time. But when explosive outbursts, violence, or out–of–control anger are ongoing, they affect the entire family and require more serious interventions. Fortunately, we’ve seen that when parents use the right tools, they can learn how to deal with their children’s anger, and teach them better ways to solve their problems.

Don’t challenge your child when he’s angry—that’s just like throwing a match onto a pile of firecrackers. There are some tips to overcome such rebellious situations.

Don’t yell or challenge your child when he’s angry: Many times parents deal with angry outbursts by challenging their kids and yelling back. But this will just increase your feeling of being out of control. The best thing you can do is remain calm in a crisis. So don’t challenge your child when he/she’s angry—that is just like throwing a match onto a pile of firecrackers. Just wait until he calms down.

Don’t get physical with your child: It’s important to watch your physical reactions. Remember, you’re lending your children your strength in these moments; you’re showing them how to handle anger. When you don’t respond calmly, your child will work even harder at his tantrum to try to get you to pay attention.  So you really have to tap into some solid parenting skills to handle the outburst quickly and effectively.

Give consequences for the bad behavior, not for the anger: When your child throws a tantrum, starts screaming and really loses it, make sure you give him consequences based on his behavior and not on his emotions. As long as they’re not breaking any rules, I think you should allow them to have that time to be angry.

Don’t give overly harsh punishments: Giving harsh punishments in the heat of the moment is a losing proposition. The more you try to punish him in order to force him to stop and get control of himself, the worse he gets. Punishments that seem never-ending to your child are not effective, and will only make him angrier in that moment.

“It’s easy to respond to your child’s aggression with yelling or anger, but remember, your child is looking to you for cues on how to control his impulses and have good behavior.” Even from best schools in Vizag and family children expect the same.


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