Importance of communication skills in children

Young children are constantly developing both mentally and physically, their development regarding communication is influenced by those around them. To get you message across to a child may require more thought and skill than when communicating with an adult because the child will not have as high a level of communication skills themselves. In a learning environment children may respond more to other forms of communication such as non-verbal types using pictures, sounds shapes or visual aids is often helpful to keep a young child’s attention or if their communication skills are not developed enough for full conversation yet.

Having effective communication skills means more than just knowing how to talk. Children often need guidance in learning how to interact with others when speaking, writing and using electronic forms of communication. Use role-playing to teach children how to communicate with peers and adults. It’s a fun and engaging way for kids to learn. Very young children often aren’t able to express their thoughts and feelings in words, or express them poorly. Because of this, it’s important that adults working with them can listen carefully and help children to learn how to express themselves and also provide what they need.

Children are ‘social learners’ and learn by copying other people, so any adults working with them should model good communication, both speaking and listening, so that children will learn from them. Children need to know that they are being listened to and heard. This helps them to build up a rapport and trust with adults and promotes better relationships. The more you learn how to listen to children, the better you will be able to assess their abilities and interests and plan for their next steps in learning and development. You will also get to know them well and then you can support their emotional needs by being in tune with them. The better and sooner children learn to communicate, the more easily they will form friendships and their confidence and self-esteem will increase.

How would you support your children’s learning about languages and communication? It is possible to develop the art of language skills just by talking to your baby. Just go on talking endlessly to your child! Share what you are planning to do in the next ten minutes, what you are seeing outside the window and how you feel about the weather outside. It is very critical for your baby to hear you speak some language! Just pretend as if your child can understand what you speak to your child. Other than parents even teachers, schools in Chandigarh and all can develop this quality in children at a very young age.



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