How Does Exercise Benefits Children

Our children are our future—and understanding and supporting their natural yearning for physical activity will help lead them to a lifetime of happy and healthy living. If we joyfully teach them how to include healthy exercise from the early stages of their development, we will be giving our children a gift that will endure throughout their lives. Exercise for children (or adults) may do far more than improve physical fitness. It may also stimulate brain growth and boost cognitive performance.

Children who are in formal routines may also miss out on play exercise, and parents who feel their children are in fitness programs may allow extra snacks or decide not to participate in an outdoor activity because their child has already worked out for the day. It may seem obvious, but in this modern day of iPhones and Xboxes it probably needs to be repeated: exercise is really, really good for children.

Among the many benefits are physical fitness, confidence and stronger self-esteem, more energy, better memory, and simply a good feeling about themselves—and they are easy to achieve. The main consideration in this manner is the encouragement from all spheres to children. Parents are the main source for this but other than parents’ schools play a major role in this as they can easily influence and motivate children to do so. There many schools in Chandigarh who concentrates on the health of children. Outdoor games and playful workout routines can be the tools that instill lasting joy of exercise.

Exercise enhances the brain’s metabolism. Studies show that active children have improved memory as a result of better brain function! Active children improve their body’s ability to absorb oxygen through aerobic exercise. Due to the increased oxygen in their body’s cells they feel more energized. More oxygen translates into more energy. Children schools in Chandigarh are less likely to become overweight and will have better control of their body fat. Overweight children are able to reduce their body weight and body fat due to the physiological effect of burning fat while exercising. Increased blood flow promotes the body’s transportation of the byproducts of metabolism and toxins back from the cells for elimination, recycling, or further use elsewhere. Children who exercise feel fitter and more energized because of their body’s ability to detoxify.

Exercise should be fun. The mouse experiments are based on voluntary wheel-running. When rodents are forced to exercise, they don’t always reap the benefits.





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