Need of social consciousness in children

Social consciousness, or the awareness of society, is central to the experience of being human. In order to participate as contributing members of the community and broader society, children need to learn to not only be responsible for themselves, but also for others and the environment. This social responsibility involves a deep awareness of our interdependence and interconnectedness with the entire web of life: the human, animal and natural world. Social awareness also means being aware of the problems and hardships that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis and having an obligation to act to benefit others.

The development of social consciousness can help children discover who they are as individuals, what abilities they possess, and what part they can play in a complex and diverse world by drawing upon their strengths. Social consciousness promotes critical thinking skills and is the precursor to social change. As parents, you can provide opportunities for your children to learn about pertinent social and global issues and how they can contribute to the greater good through social action. A social consciousness anchored in empathy and compassion for the people around us.

These values are especially important in a context where youth culture appears to be increasingly self-centered and materialistic; compassion and empathy give children the ability to connect with others and understand the presence of something greater than the self. Parents can lead their families in developing attitudes of community and social responsibility by activating in their children the impulse to act on behalf of others and the community. Along with parents boarding schools and teachers can play a major role here. What I call a school as best schools vizag is one where children are taught about the world where they live and people in it rather than only concentrating on academic studies.

Encourage interaction with diverse peers. When children interact with people who come from vastly different backgrounds, they can engage in critical debates and confront the differences between their own point of view and that of others. They learn to develop a concern for general social issues rather than a concern with only their own world and immediate social group. Children will learn important lessons and acquire vital social capacities to function in the larger society from their dads. With your guidance, they can be transformed from passive spectators to activists, channeling their focus and energy on solutions that could make a meaningful difference in other people’s lives.



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