Why we need to Encourage Children

Many children of different ages have potential but feel discouraged about their abilities, losing interest and motivation in learning and activating. They believe that they cannot improve. They underestimate themselves and are then unable to overcome difficulties, finding it easy to lose confidence and discontinue their work.

Children need encouragement. Encouragement is different from praise. To encourage is to increase hope or confidence, or to urge on. To praise is to extol, laud or express approval. Children don’t always respond well to praise. Yet parents often feel hurt or confused if they praise and child and he don’t respond. When a child is overly praised, he may give up trying. He may even fail, almost as if it were on purpose. Discouragement is the main reason for most ‘failures’ in schools, especially for teenagers. Some children feel that they cannot satisfy their teacher’s or parent’s expectations. Others feel that teachers and parents do not assess them correctly. In these cases, children may decide not to even try to satisfy the adult’s expectation and standards. They gradually lose interest and effort, not understanding that life is a non-stop learning process, full of trial and error.

“Encouragement literally means to ‘give heart’. If you are unsure how to encourage your child then think back to how you encouraged him when he was trying to walk. In all likelihood you encouraged and urged your child so hard that you nearly pulled him up with your will. You didn’t criticize him because he fell over. You urged him to get up and have another try and you communicated through your behavior that you knew that he could do it. Schools are the place where children require more encouragement as they deal with various kinds of activities and students there. So it is the responsibility of a good school in Hyderabad and teachers to ensure this.

Encouragement is powerful and has a snowball effect on children’s self-esteem. You need to say the right words and show your child through your treatment of him that you believe he is capable and able to achieve. Oddly enough it is often easier to encourage other people’s children than our own. The emotional intensity gets in the way. Every child needs someone in his life who says, “I know you can do this.” Children don’t always succeed at their efforts. Praise can’t be used when they don’t succeed, but encouragement can: “I appreciate your efforts. How about trying again”, “I can understand you are disappointed with your drawing, but I’m glad you were willing to try it”, “So you did make a mistake. Now what can you learn from the mistake?”


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