Effects of Television on Young Generation

Most of us are generally aware that television isn’t the healthiest of activities. Television (TV) has its good side.  It can be entertaining and educational, and can open up new worlds for kids, giving them a chance to travel the globe, learn about different cultures, and gain exposure to ideas they may never encounter in their own community. Shows with a prosocial message can have a positive effect on kids’ behaviour; programs with positive role models can influence viewers to make positive lifestyle changes.  However, the reverse can also be true:  Kids are likely to learn things from TV that parents don’t want them to learn.  TV can affect kids’ health, behaviour and family life in negative ways.

Television is no longer merely the drug of the nation; it is the pacifier, babysitter, wallpaper and teacher for our children. Increasingly it intrudes on the very first months of their lives. Children are mainly exposed to television, television violence and television culture at home. Thus parents play a vital role in helping children to make sense of what they see on the television. These days television influences the lives of young children and it is only going to get worst with each passing year. It is very challenging for young children to make choices of what programs they should watch. Because of the lack of experience they need more help from adults. Pulling children away from television programs is a challenge. Children’s media are designed to get attention and keep it.

We may now be highly tuned to what we feed our children’s bodies but we are less careful about what we feed their minds. Academics researching the impact of television on young people compare debates over its adverse effects with those over smoking a generation a half ago, or seat belts and cycle helmets more recently.We may sense TV is bad for young children but what evidence is there really? There is a booming market in educational computer games and DVDs, such as the Baby Einstein range, and if our modern multitasking lives are saturated in electronic screens, isn’t sitting children in front of them at least good training for the modern world? Here the major has to be taken by top schools where children get to learn about these things very frequent. So teachers need to constantly argue and discuss with children on issues related to this media. A best boarding schools can always serve this purpose at its best.


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