How does global warming affect humans


The warming of our earth is not a good thing. Global warming is the increase of earth’s average temperature. Global warming will cause numerous problems to the environment, which in return will hurt the human population. All of these things will make survival harder for the human race in the very near future.

Global warming is already leading to more violent storms and less predictable weather patterns. According to the Pew Center on Global Warming, since 1995, only two years have not had above average hurricane activity. The overall number of tropical storms has not increased, but there are more storms strong enough to be called hurricanes. We will probably continue to get bigger storms, which will do more damage to coastal areas. Global warming will have many affects on plant life. The warming of our planet will make landscape harsher which will make it harder for plants to grow and survive. If there are less plants then there won’t be as much oxygen and there will be more CO2 (carbon dioxide). If there aren’t many plants then the animals will not have food to eat and they will starve and die. If there aren’t any plants or animals then we will have a shortage of food and many people will die from starvation.

Global warming will be both beneficial and detrimental to people’s health. There will be fewer deaths from cold related conditions but more deaths from heat related conditions. Globally there are more heat related deaths than cold related deaths so the net impact will be a loss of life. Warmer temperatures lead to an increase in air and water pollution thus increasing the risk to humans from infection and respiratory conditions such as asthma. Warmer temperatures are conducive to the breeding and spread of rats, mice, other rodents, ticks, mosquitoes and other vectors for disease. This will lead to an increase in the number of people affected and an expansion into previously unaffected areas.

It is hard to predict exactly how severely global warming will affect individual locations. The combination of violent storms, rapid changes in local climates, disruption of the water cycle and extinction of plants and animals will probably cause local food shortages and disruption of infrastructure in some areas. The panic and anxiety over global warming will damage the world economy, as will the population squeeze when people in coastal areas are forced to move inland by rising water levels. No matter how you spin it, it’s going to take a toll on the economy–at least in the short term.




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