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Greetings from Oakridge!

As the summer draws nearer and the April showers visit our campus on schedule, we find out students hankering to spend more time out of doors. They’ve taken to swimming, just like ‘fish to water’, and our younger students, our ‘water babies’, are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to use the splash pool in the main school buildings, designed just for them.

Nursery children had an exciting learning session about ‘Pet animals’ at Oakridge. A veterinary hospital corner was set up for the children to learn and explore about caring pet animals. Children learnt new vocabulary related to pet animals and also developed acquaintance about the world around them.

Oakridge schools bangalore incorporated technology resources to introduce young children to computers, cameras and so on to make them part of their learning. They explored them and discussed about what the gadget does, what they can do with it and how to use them safely. Their work showed wonderful imagination.



About oakridgeint

Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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