Going International in Education

Education is one of the most vital components governing the Indian society and with the emergence of so many schools in every state, big or small; the competition to deliver the best form of education is on. Amidst this race, the International Schools who are fairly new in this field have established a remarkable position and standing for themselves in the past few years.

International schools cater to promote international education, with an international environment, and to accomplish their goals the International schools have adopted the I.G.C.S.E (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) curriculum. This curriculum adopts the International Baccalaureate or the Cambridge International examinations, which follows a national curriculum quite different from that of the State in which the school is located.

In International schools emphasis is laid on not rendering a curriculum that will encourage kids to memorize and spew it out before their teachers. Rather, teachers are asked to explain the concept to the students elaborately with appropriate real life examples, so that their basics on that issue are clear. Along with the usual routine of subjects taught, the schools also try to incorporate, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This extra push given by the school helps kids in unearthing their hidden talents and reduces their stage fear.

The primary objective of these schools is to cater to those students who are not of Indian origin, those whose parents are staff of International Businesses, International Organizations, foreign embassies, missionary programs, etc. There is a chance of receiving a wide global exposure in terms of getting acquainted to new cultures, and being acceptable to changes in life. For the students studying in these schools, they get to interact with foreign nationals and the faculty could be from around the globe, thus helping young minds to widen their horizon of dreams and thoughts.

Primary education is the foundation on which the intellectual capital of a country is built. Such schools concentrate more on this principle and modify their education system accordingly.

There is an emphasis on co-curricular activities to ensure an all-round development for the kids, which is not so much prevalent in other schools, as it is in the International schools in india. The cafeterias of these schools specialize in serving global cuisines to their students, to give a twist to one’s boring gastronomical instincts. These schools are ruling the education sector at present and are soon to take over the reins of this sector from the hands of the traditional CBSE and IGCSE boards.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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