Redefining the Field of Education

An upcoming city, flourishing its trade all over the place, now Mohali is the hottest spot for every person, located adjacent to the Chandigarh city of Punjab, this town is coming up with several international schools that are assisting in redefining of education in schools for children.

International schools in Mohali are becoming useful tools of imparting quality education and learning divisions for children who are relocated with their parents to this place. Settling down in a completely new destination is not only hectic, costly and time-consuming but also a concern of adjusting well in the new place. While relocating to a different country, one would have to consider several factors. And amongst those several factors, one of the important factors is finding an apt school for the child.

The education sector of India is facing remarkable changes from the last decade. Especially, when we see those innumerable international schools in Chandigarh spring up one after the other, we often debate as to what is so special about them that the child should go there. It is definitely a special place to be in, as every student is treated according to their own calibre. Subjects diverse in contrast to the usual ones taught in other schools are taught to kids here. And facilities like personal lockers, hygienic food facilities, outdoor activities, continuous outings with class to strengthen team bonding.

Mohali, which is an old town, is learning to adapt to the new ways of the world. Punjab is a state, which has maximum number of Non-residential Indians who are settled abroad. Hence, these NRI’s usually return to their homeland and face problems regarding how to provide their children with the similar education facilities that they received when they stayed in foreign land.

Kids, who are more acquainted to being with foreign children, feel quite comfortable studying at International schools and the ways of teaching and learning. Unlike other public and private schools of any city, which is more textbook oriented and stress on mugging up the answers and lessons they are taught at classroom. Schools of international standing holds an aura quite soothing to be in, learning becomes fun in such an environment where nothing is forced upon the kid that is beyond their capabilities. Hence, students and teachers have a very cordial relationship, which helps teachers to deal with each and every student on a personal level. This helps the student to confide into their teachers to look for help when they feel distressed or are in trouble.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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