Great Artist’s in Making

There is a tiny Picasso in every nestling, especially toddlers, whose ambitions in life changes frequently as their moms change their diapers. It is funny and at the same time very intriguing to find out, how these small brains work in such big ways at such a tender age. Their answers make them sound like highly intellectual adults.

But, little do parents realise that these ambitions are just passing phase of craze for these toddlers and might or might not be the exact things that they take up when they grow up to be young individuals. Parents should not hurry the child into making up its mind or even forcing their own aspirations on the child’s shoulder. Children, generally lose focus and tend to become very careless in their approach towards anything in life. There is a proper time for everything in life, so one should wait until the time comes.

It is evident that the competitive world today requires a competitive attitude, but that doesn’t mean children have to be forced into this curriculum at the tender age, when they enjoy simple things of life. It is often noticed that parents are highly disapproving of their kids to show great interest in matters of art, music and theatre. Parents consider these fields to be a waste of time, energy and money and feel that there is no career whatsoever in these areas of education.

What we forget, that every education has some values attached to it, and nothing is good or bad, it is only the perspective of the adult brain, which characterizes aspects into the categories of good or bad. Every child has the potential of becoming a Picasso, Beethoven and a Satyajit Ray. These great people earned the name and fame for themselves by choosing this career, then why your child can’t.

As parents, we should be encouraging enough to motivate our own children’s endeavours to promote their creativity and bring about a transition in the thinking patter of every person, who looks down upon these creative fields of art to be an element of time waste in their child’s life. Let the child decide what the best for his capability is, and let us not force the child into the stereotypical notions of the world. We have lived our own lives on our terms and now it is time we let the kids live their life on their own, so that tomorrow they do not blame their parents for the pathetic lifestyle that they have.

Author Bio: Minu Aravind is a content developer who works as Sr. Executive Communication in an organization. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and therefore wishes to help students find the best possible education by reviewing some of the best boarding schools and international schools in India.


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