Moral Lessons for Toddlers

The story of Shravana Kumar, carrying his parents on his shoulders is a story that mostly all toddlers grew up listening to and how he died fulfilling his duties. The moral that is derived from this story is, that we should be obedient to our parents and love and care for them unselfishly throughout our life.

Unlike, Shravana Kumar, there are many other stories which are told to small kids, to teach them values and try to inculcate a sense of belonging to being responsible to their elder ones. Moral education is becoming a top notch priority to look after in every home. Especially with the discarded American culture creeping into every home, children are turning rebellious every day and becoming more and more demanding in nature.

One cannot simply blame the children for their behaviour, because it is the parent’s upbringing that would have led to this drastic outbreak. Parents feel that it is better to be agnostic and not side to anything particular, as a result they do not share the moral stories which their moms or grandmothers would have recited to them when they were small. Thus, the child grows up feeling like he or she can do anything they want, there is no stopping.

Schools to a certain extent are able to incorporate some sort of moral ethics into a kid’s life, but they cannot be behind the children always. There could be different ways in which, the attention could be drawn towards moral education. It could be either through movies, pictorial or graphical representations or giving real life incidents as examples to the kids to help them realise that whatever they listen is not always fictional, the real life stories adds weightage to everything said.

Moral science focuses on generating the human emotions and character within every being with a view to change the negative qualities in them. It is a matter of alarming concern at present to emphasize on moral education of every child. The levels of juvenile criminal related cases are growing day by day in every society that is escalating the graphs of criminal cases in ever country.

Parental intervention and application of moral principles can do much to extenuate the potential effects. One can reconsider some of these possible effects that a poorly brought up child can face. Research clearly shows that a child who lacks adequate parental instruction stands the risk of refractoriness.

Author Bio: Minu Aravind is a content developer who works as Sr. Executive Communication in an organization. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and therefore wishes to help students find the best possible education by reviewing some of the best boarding schools and international schools in Hyderabad.



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