Music for the Young Minds

The great Greek God Apollo, built the walls of Troy by playing on the Lyre, it is said that Troy was built in a day through the music that came out of Apollo’s Lyre. Music makes hearts grows fonder, when a baby is in the mother’s womb and the mother listens to soothing music, the baby in the womb tends to react after listening to the soothing sound and makes movement. This is the moment when the mother understands that the child loves music and is responding to it. This is the magic that music has known to create; it has and will keep inspiring individuals.

Music is a powerful weapon, Tansen the great musician from Akbar’s court could mesmerize thousands and thousands of people into doing whatever he wished through the charm of his voice and instrument. Michael Jackson is known to be one the best musicians of his age and is still remembered for his works despite all the glitches in his life. Music includes different genres; there is classical, jazz, rock, etc. etc.

Young children, especially who belong to the Bengali culture are enrolled into learning classical and Rabindra sangeet as a part of their daily curriculum. In India, there are very few parents who encourage their children to learn classical form of music and to pursue a definite career in this field. It is becoming a social stigma to take up occupational courses, which give definite 9-5 jobs and a regular salary.

But, little do we realise that music is not a dying culture, nor are the forms of art, there are people on this earth who are still fanatic lovers of art and music of genuine standing and respect and honour these forms. Kids should be allowed to listen to different forms of music and should not be restricted to listening to only those forms which interest the parents. Activities related to creating once own music should be incorporated, as it will allow the child to come out of its shell and take the lead and show the world that it has immense potential to take up the challenges that come its way.

Being acquainted to the different types of musical instruments is another way of leading the youngsters to love music. Music related movie and documentaries are also ways which could catch the attention of young debutantes and polish their talents to make it shine before the World.

Author Bio: Minu Aravind is a content developer who works as Sr. Executive Communication in an organization. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and therefore wishes to help students find the best possible education by reviewing some of best boarding schools India and international schools in India.




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