International Campuses in Vizag

International schools were a concept, which was founded sometime in 19th century. Such school systems were established in countries of foreign origin, which at that point constituted a significant portion of the population including countries as Turkey, Japan and Switzerland. These schools which are of international origin were set up with a view to entertain and provide education to the students who are of foreign origin including those people like the ambassadors, international business owners, also multinational entrepreneurs.

Studying in International school has several advantages added to its existence, one of it being a good and multi-cultural environment. A wide exposure in terms of learning new languages, cultures, respecting new religion, and learning how to inculcate social communication skills. Also in a place like Vizag, which has innumerable sea relations with several other countries, it is quite obvious that this city will attract the attention of foreigners very easily. And since it is acquiring the role of a fast developing economy, it is opening up so many institutions, both national and international in nature. Especially, when it comes to education several internationally recognized institutions are on the rise.

In international schools, the best part about them is that they follow what is known as the “NCLB” rule as it is termed in US, which implies as, “No Child Left Behind” rule. The faculty of international schools are quite particular about the lives of individuals. Regarding the child’s progress, there are continuous meetings held with every parent to discuss important academic and behavioural development matters.

Schools allow the students to come up with their innovative ideas, instead of trying to clip their wings of imagination. Another fascinating aspect of being in an international school is that it there exists a multitude of cultural essence, which allows the kid to not only learn about different language, culture, religion and race but also teaches the child to respect it and stay in harmony with one another.

Curriculum of international schools is quite different as compared to other schools in Bangalore students are usually graded on the basis of their performance in continuous assessments carried on a regular basis. This boosts up the morale of children, as they are not only graded upon their bookish knowledge of the syllabus. Also, if they don’t perform well in one test they always have a chance to make it up in their next tests.

International school might me expensive to afford, but they are definitely not a waste of time. With the level of hygiene, attention, care and guidance it surely passes across other schools in town.



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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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