Significance of an International curriculum

Every educational institution wishes to offer the best to their students, in order to ensure the best it is very important for them to plan out an elaborate and specific course guideline, which would encompass all the different types of subjects starting from science to fine arts, which is considered to be a non-educational subject. This where the importance of curriculum comes into play, these days institutions catering to education, are trying to incorporate a wide range of subject matter to offer before the parents for their children.

A cross-curricular, makes teaching very context-based in nature, which helps the child to not only read what is in the text, but through practical approach towards the topic enable the child to have personal practical experience about the subject matter. In a curriculum, group activities are always encouraged to inculcate team spirit within every child, so that it would help them later on in future to adjust a work with the strengths and weaknesses of their team-members.

Besides learning, syllabus planning committee should make sure that teaching is planned in such a way that the kids have unlimited scope of pursuing their individual interest fields. Also, each kid must be encouraged to pursue the activity he likes to perform. Kids should not be pressurized by any authorities to perform any activity, as this will hamper their self-confidence, in case they failed to achieve the goal.

In International schools emphasis is laid on not rendering a curriculum that will encourage kids to memorize and spew it out before their teachers. Rather, teachers are asked to explain the concept to the students elaborately with appropriate real life examples, so that their basics on that issue are clear. Along with the usual routine of subjects taught, the schools also try to incorporate, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This extra push given by the school helps kids in unearthing their hidden talents and reduces their stage fear.

Following a planned way of teaching by preparing a curriculum, not only helps the teacher to teach, but it also allows the teacher to come up with innovative ways to make their subjects interesting for the students to imbibe as much as they can.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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