Updating the Data Base

One should be equipped with extra pair of the five senses, just so that we are always up to date with whatever goes around us. Children especially, are blessed by God to quickly grasp and retain information efficiently. Being generally aware of what is happening in the world, gives a sense of empowerment in every human.

General knowledge is a compulsory course incorporated in the syllabus, because kids don’t intend to read up on newspapers, they do not wish to know the current happenings of the country. But why should we blame the kids only, aren’t we supposed to be the role models for the kids. What examples do we set up for them? In reality, we ourselves hate this subject and were very happy to throw away the books the day we answered our last General Knowledge examination in school. If we do not like it ourselves, then how can we just aim the pistol at our kids and ask them to like it without questioning or arguing?

There are always several ways, in which things could be made to look or even sound interesting, but the trick or the art of it lies in the hands of the educator. Not every educator, is equipped to put things across in ways that leaves no option before the child but to love it. General knowledge as a subject, becomes boring when one has to remember dates and other chronological events that have occurred in the past or present. So there are times when kids might question the authenticity of learning these facts and how is it useful for them. That is the time when the teacher should talk to the child and make him count the importance that goes with this subject. Firstly, this is a very scoring subject, and fetching higher marks in this can simply pull up the ranking of a student in class. Secondly, if we know some basic facts about our own country, then during quizzes and other competitive events, our small piece of knowledge can set the puzzle right and make us the star of the event.

General knowledge might sound boring, but in reality it is not so boring, rather it surrounds a person with the sense of knowing the past and the present. And who knows how these small pieces of irrelevant information according to us become a powerful tool for us in future.

Author Bio: Minu Aravind is a content developer who works as Sr. Executive Communication in an organization. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and therefore wishes to help students find the best possible education by reviewing some of admission procedures in Oakridge.



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