How to restore Inner Peace?

With so much of pollution, population, competition and perfection to go through, we often tend to forget that we are humans and our body needs ample rest to restore its working capabilities. Research has shown that studies related to brain-based learning indicates that learning is a very physiological process, which involves the functioning of the entire mind and body.

For the brain to function at its maximum potential the body’s emotions must be under constant check and so should the other physiological needs that must be met. It is often noticed that learning something in an empty stomach, one is simply unable to feel any form of coherence with what the person is reading to what is he understanding. This is because of lack of food, which causes anxiety and stress in the person making it difficult for the person to learn anything.

Here is where, yoga enters into our lives and gives kids the necessary tools to free themselves of any stress, any form of anxiety, or “murkiness” in the brain. Yoga comes across as a powerful weapon for both the students and teachers who could use it during short breaks throughout the day, with a view to refresh and revitalize the body and the mind of students.

Yoga is a form of healing exercise, which has been passed down from generation to generation, is convenient as it does not require any equipment neither does it require a lot of space to be performed. Students performing the asana can stand, sit, or they can even lie down on the floor of the classroom. While performing yoga it requires deep breathing, to allow the mind to visualize the desired outcomes.

Schools are finding it useful for their students to learn yoga daily and are putting in efforts to try and inculcate it as a part of their educational curriculum. Research has shown that yoga has been quite effective in reducing the stress levels of the kids, has helped them to focus their attention on one aspect at one time, and has improvised their memory retention levels to store more information in their brain.

Yoga teaches children to be responsible for their own conduct, helps them to deal with difficult situations by focusing on the positive aspects of their lives. Yoga helps to draw to oneself all the positive energy that is required by human beings to keep him going on and on in life.


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