Importance of Home-Work

Learning and knowledge are two weapons that are essential in carving a niche for oneself in any place around the world. Students especially are not so fond of going to school, because of innumerable reasons that do not end at all, be it for the fear of teachers, other kids bullying them, or for not completing the home-work on time. Home-work, ever since its conception in the history of teaching and learning has been despised by the students all over the world.

It is an important part of the curriculum for both the students and the teachers to get acquainted with the term home-work. The main aim of homework is to inculcate good work ethics in the students, allows them to revise whatever has been taught for the day and provides them with information that helps them to understand what is being taught next day in the class.

Kids are usually finicky with their studies, as there are certain subjects that they love to the core and certain other subjects, which make them feel sick. But, since the subjects are a part of the syllabus they do not have much choice but to cope with it. What parents and teachers could do is to try and make the subject a little interesting in ways that will ignite the student’s attention to that subject and student will like studying and working for it.

Parents especially are the ones who spend most time with their children at home, and are also the ones who make their kids finish their homework on time. Sometimes parent themselves find it difficult to cope up with the changing syllabus of the schools and feel frustrated at the disability of being unable to help their children with their school work.

In such case, parents and teachers should have regular meetings to discuss the progress of the child as well as, teachers should provide with tips to parents of how they could be of use to their children in making them learn a lesson and to finish their lagging work in class. Also, internet these days has come up with so many techniques where parents could subject themselves to online classes to teach their wards in ways that are innovative and interesting for children to understand, grasp and at the same time makes it useful enough for going about with their daily tasks of school. After all, homework is also, not that bad a monster of the lives as it is usually portrayed by kids.


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