Revisiting the Past

The day I entered into Std. Fifth was the day nightmares started visiting me quite often in the form of historical figures and history lessons. To mull over it now, I actually realize that it was majorly because I was fed with pre-conceived notions of history being dull, boring and a mugging up lesson which would fetch me no marks at all. But today I can say that I fell in love with this subject.

It’s all a matter of perception in the end, the way you feel about something and students by nature feel negative about everything that is related to studies. History has a dull outlook, but it is not boring at all, especially once you start imagining those times and how the events would have happened in the very same order, by visiting these historical places, which adds the charm and makes you fall in love with those subjects.

A history teacher of mine told me once that the best way to learn history is to become a part of it in your imagination, by visiting those very places where that event would have occurred and then going back to your textbooks helps in relating to what you have seen with what you are reading in the book.

Parents and schools should make it a point to take their students on a yearly or quarterly basis, to visit some historical monumental place, or to visit a museum with historical artifacts that narrate the stories of the past. Also, these days digital media have made so much progress in the present days that schools could order for a CD of a historical movie, which are close representations of the historical events and show them on big screens. As we know, that visual media has a greater impact on children that any other forms of media and so students would be interested in taking a closer look at that particular happening and would make it a point to read more about it.

There is nothing in this world that we hate, it’s all in the mind, if we master the mind to do as we want it to then no subject would be dreadful for us. Kids are like clay, one has to mould it and shape it in ways that would make the kid look perfect, behave appropriately and act pleasingly in ways that suit the requirements of this society where we reside.

Author Bio: Minu Aravind is a self-motivated writer and blogger with an ability to develop unique content, is associated with India’s largest international school in Mohali. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and focuses to develop blogs and articles in the field of education, parenting, and child development and so on.


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