Love Thy Neighbour

One of the Ten Commandments in Bible is to love thy neighbour, like oneself. With so much hatred in the world, there is no time to propagate or follow this commandment. But is this what we are teaching kids also to follow, to hate their friends and family and other near and dear one’s?

Children need proper moral education at home and in schools in Chandigarh so that they learn to reform themselves and behave properly with other fellow students. What is the importance of Character Education for modern day children? Kids do not feel the necessity of seeking advice of their parents or any other elder and experienced people who are matured enough than the kids. Most of the families these days resort to have nuclear families with parents working hard for long hours being able to devote very little time to spare for their children who are left to stand up for themselves leading lives of lonely solitude, coping to find a solution for each and every problem that they encounter all by themselves.

Rising competition amongst schools in order to get better grades, the importance of moral science and character education as instructive subjects, have been losing its sheen day by day. Moral science is a subject that develops a person’s character traits and helps in shaping the personality of the pupil and yet it has not been made a compulsory subject in schools. As a result of this, we have seen a dramatic rise in the cases related to violence in schools, which are both fatal and non-fatal crimes like rape, sexual predators, bullying a student, taking revenge from other students, etc. Leading to serious assaults and racial discrimination’s taking place in schools across the globe.

It is essential that one must never impose one’s feelings and beliefs on their child. Parents must be tactful and clear in explaining the difference between what is morally right and morally wrong in any situation that would give adequate reasons and explanations to the kids for supporting one’s beliefs. Children can cultivate an independent opinion based on the issue on the moral education that is imparted to them.

Thus, it becomes a very important issue to ensure that along with all-round development, kids also need to have a moral value education, which will help to judge situations and place their judgment on any matter after debating on both sides of the argument and then coming to a definite conclusion.

Author Bio: Minu Aravind is a self-motivated writer and blogger with an ability to develop unique content, is associated with India’s largest international school in Chandigarh. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and focuses to develop blogs and articles in the field of education, parenting, and child development and so on.



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