Toddler’s Den

The population has always remained a growing concern for the citizen’s and especially the politicians of India. Every day, about 70,000 children are born in India and so is the rate at which the numbers of play schools in India are. Every parent desires to give the best form of education to their kids and pre-schooling holds the top priority in their agenda. Toddlers are the age group which need the maximum attention from their caregivers, starting from the parents, to teachers, to their grandparents, to anyone and everyone who is around the baby.

As a result of the nuclear family culture that is taking its roots in India, most small children are left alone at care centres or crèches, while their parents go for work. This leaves the child in a venerable position as a child always seeks to look for care, attention, affection and love from its parents and near and dear one’s.

Hence, the best option that parents come up with is to enrol the child into a pre-school where the child has similar age group kids running around them, there are helpers who take good care of the children and the teachers who are given special Montessori training to deal with smaller children.

Play school is a place which helps to nurture the initial and crucial learning phase of the child. Kids are taught to identify shapes, alphabets, colour’s, number’s and also are allowed to play with clay and building blocks that gives them a certain flexibility to their hands and minds. They are taught the value of sharing with their friends, playing with them, which in a way develops their team work attitude helping them in the future.

Play school going kids are usually taught anything related to their studies in a playful way, which will help them to register whatever they have learnt and also help them to open up to speech and dialogue related activities with their fellow toddler friends. Play school also helps the children to familiarize themselves to other people around them, other than their own parents and grandparents and other family members. This helps the child to open up before other people, by reducing their shyness to speak or even appear before anyone other than their family members and friends.

Play school is the place which helps to form the fundamental pillar of knowledge for a child in the absence of their parents. It makes the child what he or she grows up to become in the later years of their life.


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