Love for Books

As a well-known author said, “friends and books should be few and good” this saying holds fair enough as one has several choices laid before them, but to read a book, which would interest you and would keep you glued from the first page to the last page such books are very few. Children are like wet clay, we have to mould them properly to give them a nice form. So, it lies on the parents and teachers to inculcate the habit of book reading.

In the beginning, the craze lies in reading Nancy Drew, Goosebumps, Famous Five, Short stories, and many other fiction novels. Once the love for reading creeps into a child’s life, then there is no stopping. Every book fair the kid will demand you to buy more novels to buy and read. Books are one’s best books, in solitude they accompany you and unlike in Friends Company where one would be bored by gossips, books spread the light of knowledge in the mind. Fiction novels transport the mind into a world of fantasy, where one starts imagining themselves as a character of the book.

Stories and fiction novel reading set the kids mind on flight mode, where they can fly on their broomsticks, become harry potter and catch the snitch to win the Quidditch. As nonsensical as it may sound to grown-ups, for we live in a world of reality and know that nothing like this could happen. But kids believe in these things, their fantasy land is an element which helps them to create the essence of faith in something in life and then builds on their confidence in life.

Like George Melies who was the first man to have begun the art of film making, just believed in his dreams, dreams of bringing the fictional characters in the books to life. And he is now remembered in the history of film-making. Fictional books were what inspired Mr George Melies to start making motion pictures.

Moreover, it helps to improve the children’s vocabulary and give them a confidence to speak out their mind. Reading books makes them aware of ten thousand different things that they had not even heard about. It gives them a sense of being well equipped to answer any question that is shot at them. Therefore, instead of encouraging kids to watch meaningless cartoon shows, which are being aired these days, let us inspire them to read, to empower the future of tomorrow’s world.



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