Residential Education

After watching “Rockford” every parent would ensure that they made their kids watch this movie and then threaten them every time they did some mischief to send them to a boarding school. Kids who are vulnerable to the emotion of fear, would get disgusted by the idea of a boarding school, it resulted in nightmares for little children.

Such was the image of a residential school in India in the early days, but in the past decade the image of these residential schools has undergone magnificent transformations that have resulted in parents opting for such schools for their kids welfare.

India has more than 50 top residential schools, which are age old institutions of good academic standing and apart from that, there are several other residential schools which are being established every single day. For a country of more than 1.27 billion population, it is necessary to have ample number of schools to support a decent education for every kid who is born in this country.

Residential schools become the best option for those parents, who are working and are unable to give proper attention to their child towards their studies, also for those parents who are into jobs which have high frequency of transferability from one place to the other. In such case, parents do not want their child’s education top suffer so they resort to sending their children to boarding schools.

Every boarding school should have proper amenities like, appropriate lodging, clean laundry, hygienic food, and other infrastructural facilities backed up with good faculty and administrative staff. Children in boarding schools work under strict disciplined methods lay down by the authorities. It is in such an environment, where spoilt children, who are arrogant and adamant in behaviour, learn to mellow down. Especially, for trouble creating teenagers who get into the company of wrong people, need to be corrected and this can happen only under strict rules, which is definitely not possible in the house. Children get a wide exposure, as they have students coming from every part of the world, especially the international residential schools which mostly have international students coming into their campus.

Boarding schools might have got a very negative view attached to their existence, but they are only for the good of certain children who consider every authority standing before them to be dust and nothing more than that, even if they were their own parents.


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