Under The Bodhi Tree

The day Siddhartha Gautama turned into a spiritual leader who came to be known as Gautama Buddha, it was the day when the “Bodhi Tree” attained the image of a sacred tree. Since then, knowledge has been often typified with the Bodhi tree. In reality Gautama Buddha was actually meditating under the Bodhi tree where he attained enlightenment and then decided to leave his wife and children and preach about peace in the world that was run down by chaos, destruction and political dominance over kingdoms.

Meditation is considered to be a powerful tool, to restore and regain composure. It has several other uses like, helps to improve the level of concentration, improves focusing ability of an individual, helps to synchronize our brain and body to function effectively. Meditation has helped many Hindu religious figures achieve wondrous things that they would not have been able to achieve otherwise. One of those were, dhruva, who became the “Dhruva Tara”, whose meditation and chanting of om namo shiva, helped him to become a part of the galaxy.

Be it kids, parents or any other person, meditation is becoming an integral part of everyone’s life, coupled with yoga it allows a person to feel more energetic, vibrant and healthy. Usually, for children some spare time is cut out from their study time and is devoted to self- rejuvenation through meditation classes, where soothing music is played and an audio recorded voice speaks out to the children of the procedures od meditating.

The only factor that kids might like about the meditation sessions at schools is that they are allowed to rest, rest is also implied or could be converted to sleep, while the session is in progress. Since, there is no one to invigilate the meditation sessions, kids are mostly seen taking short power naps in between that sets their winding key and puts them into motion like before.

Meditation is essential these days to help reduce the level of stress that has been generally recorded by psychologists after surveys done on school children to check if they are undergoing any sort of depression or other mental stress disorders. Researchers have come to the conclusion that because of high level of academic expectations created by parents from their children, children are being driven into a state of acute stress, where they are constantly living under the state of fear that how will they be able to live up to their parents expectations and what will happen if they don’t. Therefore, such kids need some sort of an intervention and what can be better than helping them to meditate and activate their areas of peace acquiring capability in the times of stress.



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