Young School Kids being trapped into Cyberspace

The invention of internet is considered both a boon and a bane for mankind, as Leonard Klienrock came up with this idea of internet and mentioned in his research paper, the other contributors of internet followed on and they wouldn’t have had the least idea as to what can their subsequent works would have led to in the preceding generations that were to follow. According to surveys, research finding show that India is the third largest user of internet amongst the top 20 countries.

Internet brought with it so many good attributes that has helped the world of technology to develop itself from scratch to the heights that it has achieved till this day. Schools felt the need of children learning computer education at a basic level starting from, LOGO, BASICS, JAVA and other computer languages. But children are more interested in learning several other aspects of computer and internet other than study related ones.

Games! Games! There is nothing more than games, starting circling before the eyes of every child, who feels extremely proud of owning or being a sub-owner of a computer or a laptop. When asked to kids what is it that they have learnt in computers, they would get excited with sparkling eyes and inform you that they have a wide collection of game CD’s, etc. although coming from their mouth it sounds cute, but on a wider perspective if we think about it, it’s quite alarming, what is our future generation coming at, will online games be the be all and end all for them.

Entwined in this world of web, internet and gaming, children feel happy to stay at home and spend more hours on watching or playing on computer instead of outdoor activities. This sort of addiction in later years will lead to several other forms of cyber addiction like, online chatting, which is a trend now that persists for over more than 10 years now, it can be very dangerous and explicit as talking and video chatting with unknown people from any part of the world, sharing personal data and other sorts of information could be misused and could put these aspiring youngsters behind the bars.

Hacking has become such a “cool” thing these days that students who do it to others computer data are found to be trendy people. Little do these people realize that whatever they are doing is considered a serious offence in the judiciary system of every country. Just because of peer pressure or trying to fit into a so called cool group, children should be strictly monitored by parents and advised not to get into such troubles which will blacklist them for lifelong and later regret will be of no use whatsoever.


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