Changes in CBSE curriculum

Like every academic year, even this year brings change to the CBSE curriculum. According to a press conference held in Dubai, CBSE Chairman Ashok Ganguly informed to the press saying, “Emphasis is being laid on integrating peace and value education as well as adolescence education programmes into the curriculum from six grade upwards to expose students at an early age to various social, cultural and religious issues facing the world.”

On these grounds, all the CBSE affiliated schools will be incorporating a new subject, which aims at focusing on the adolescence education and peace. As of now, the contents of the course are being designed to suit the study schedule of every child and will be inculcated into the mainstream curriculum very soon.

The primary objective that lies behind this change is to kids, at a very early age to the various concerns and issues that are in concern to our own civilization. It is highly thoughtful of the board to incorporate this subject, as considering the changing events of the world it is becoming highly essential to make the future generation, the “Generation X” to know what is happening in their country, what are the recent events affecting the Indian panorama.

There are some vital insights to be looked into especially events, which are concerned to the future developments, in such a case all the matters related to social, cultural and religious matters which are the cause of on-going concern. Every day India faces an issue related to religious or communal violence, in such a case it becomes highly difficult for the government to keep the law and order and restore peace.

So, if public forums are created where young school kids are also allowed to voice their opinions about these issues then probably our government would be heaped with ideas to keep up with the law and order situation in the country and also keep the meddlers of peace at bay. Young children have the potential of coming up with innovative ideas that could be useful in our country’s working system.

Generally, elders have a habit of dismissing the views of the little ones in the family considering that they are so young and are unaware of the cruelties of this mean world. But considering that what if one out of every 10 youngster is able to hit the jackpot and his idea does help in bringing about a change. Thus, in that case we should not overlook anyone, be it big or small, in age or in height.


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