Communicating through Technological Gaps

Our entire life we have been encircled around by gadgets and technologies that we are still getting a hang of, but our succeeding generation seems to have mastered many such obstacles that took us a while to figure out in click of their fingers.

It is something to be very proud of to see the forth coming generations having a faster and quicker approach towards technology. However, in this race of time and technology we often forget to communicate with others who hold integral positions in our lives. One is very well aware of the challenges posed to the present world in terms of education , jobs and other requirements, but one thing we forget is that technology is a means to provide help to us, instead we tend to become slaves of this technology.

No sooner do we realise that it’s not we who run it, but technology which is actually controlling our lives. In this horde, we often tend to neglect friends, family and relatives and our communication with them sort of breaks or takes a sabbatical leave, which most of us never realise.

Especially parents of nuclear families who are immersed in their 9 to 5 jobs, where they don’t even make time for their own kids should realise it might be a beginning to a very dark tomorrow that they are unable to figure out. Buying expensive gifts, taking out for lunch, or keeping a 24 hour maid to look after your child, does not substitute for a mother’s care, fathers affection, and a complete family attention that usually kids look for, not an expensive gift to substitute for their parents presence in their lives.

India has registered in the past few decades a number of families who are turning into family counsellors for help to restore their family life. It is highly essential to note that work is definitely a requirement for all to survive n this world, but it cannot become an everything in life. We also have several other set priorities that we need to figure out and take out time for.

Parent and child relationship is similar to that of a tree’s trunk with its boughs and leaves. The stronger the trunk the better support it will provide for its branches and leaves and also protect them from breaking off faster. Families are a gift of God, let us respect this gift bestowed on us and take care of it till the end of our lives.


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