Lilliputian Tech Savvy’s

“Technique is noticed most markedly in the case of those who have not mastered it.” These are the words of the Russian Marxist Revolutionary Leon Trotsky and it is quite true in the present day when we see small teeny weeny one’s take their parents phones and teach them that what application has what use. The little children these days are so much aware of the new technology around them that it takes them hardly any times to become the jack of all technology related traits.

Young kids in india are more receptive to catching up with new things; one would be amazed to see their grasping power and also their potential to memorize it so efficiently. Early years are the crucial years where children are exposed to good and bad things; however it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their child doesn’t submit to the wrong choices around them. Similarly, technology has certain negative effects on kids, to begin with the radiation that these gadgets emit is very harmful for small kids, as they are highly sensitive and their immune system is still getting used to the outside world. Radiation emitted from the mobile phones, laptops, palmtops and other trendy gadgets used for day to day communication process is very harmful and is burning or rather peeling off the skin, due to excess heat generated from these electronic gadgets, they are also liable to explosions. There are news reports which have proved that people have been injured or even died because of such incidents.

Often unknowingly children enter into the pool of cyber related crimes, because of lack of information of knowledge about a particular thing which they found interesting to explore. Hence sometimes parents have to take up the roles of being detectives, to check on all such illegal activities to prevent their children from falling into any such trouble that can mar their entire school life and childhood forever.

Since kids are small, they sometimes are liable to frisk the phones, computers, laptops, or other technological inventions that are not advised for children to be used, then the risk of accidents just increases. Inquisitiveness is present in all kids, but efforts should be taken into channelizing this trait to make the most of these young aspiring children in the field of education, sports and other cultural or extra-curricular activities. These days however parents want to give their child the freedom to do as they wish, but keeping a tab on your child’s activities is very essential all the more these days because every day a school child is held at the juvenile centre for some sort of cybercrime. Freedom is good and making your child tech savvy is indeed the best thing, but allowing the child to fall into pit is the biggest mistake of a parent’s life.


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