Career Counselling

The profession of career counselling can be dated back to history, to the times of Plato and Aristotle. Kids are usually very fuzzy in their head when it comes to choosing a career path for them. Not every child is focused and very prioritized in their lives, some want to take it easy till the time comes, when they actually start panicking about what to do with their lives.

However, an early career counselling session in their lives could actually help them to understand what are they professional likes or dislikes. It is quite an ongoing trend that is noticed these days in all the schools, be it big or small to hire a professional counsellor who can help your child to realise his or her strong and weak points and help them to work on their strong attributes to make it much stronger.

Many times children are so burdened with their parent’s hopes and expectations that it drives them to take up poor career choices in their lives for which they keep regretting all their life. But it is parents responsibility as well to make your child aware of your ambitions for the child, not simply push the child towards fulfilling your own ambitions in life.

In career counselling sessions, the counsellors usually take the child through several personality development sessions accompanied with aptitude tests that are carried out in most corporate companies. The counsellors job is to help the child prioritize its goals and also help the child to realize its ability and what stream does it choose to take up.

And for parents, the advice is to stop assuming that a particular stream is inferior to the others in terms of scope and opportunities. Rather, engineering, medicine, and MBA are the heavy traffic professional courses, in which students end up paying lakhs and lakhs and finally end up being nowhere at all.

Such instances of parental pressure driven education has caused several children to commit suicide. Let us not become weary in demanding excess from our kids, and bringing forth reasons for our own grief. Parents should be motivating and understanding in this crucial transitional phase of their child’s life, being obstinate in demanding unreasonable things can bring downfall in one’s own life.

Therefore, along with career counsellors, the parents also should take up initiatives to ensure adequate support to their wards for a happy and prosperous future that they achieve by following their dreams.

Minu Aravind is a self-motivated writer and blogger with an ability to develop unique content , is associated with Admission Enquiry’s in hyderabad. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and focuses to develop blogs and articles in the field of education, parenting, child development and so on.



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