Creative Writing for Kids

Kids’ creative writing could be often considered as some of the most creative writings possible. For kids the real life experiences have not rubbed off their shiny newness of looking into different insights of one object. Kids are often hesitant to write, however there are few who love to write and really don’t need much in the sense of a kick start to get their creative juices out and flowing and their wild imaginations bringing forth wonderful stories. Never the less, these kids do need the right amount of support and a constant flow of guidance and knowledge to work with. These knowledge and guidance could be provided by parents, relatives, even schools through indulging the child into good reading habits of books, trips to the zoo, even walks to the park, etc. All these visual information that children get, will be stored in their young, creative minds to become the thread of some story or other in the near future.

There are few children who do not wish to write anything, it has nothing to do with their ability of not knowing how to write, but with the low self-esteem of being able to pick up a pencil and write on a note pad, their hands seem to shiver with fear, such a merely psychological problems and could be well handled by a counsellor, who could comfort the child and boost up the self-confidence within the child.

If we go deep into this matter, whether a child likes to write or not, the child has to fulfil its schoolwork, which is something where the parent’s need to enter and let the child be aware of its many qualities, one amongst which is its flair for writing anything and that is how parents could persuade their children to write, by giving a little push.

There are several ways through which parents can motivate their child to sneak a peek into the world of writing. One of which is, maintaining a journal or a diary. Little children are always enthusiastic about writing their experience into a fancy diary, which they decorate and hide for no one to see. But it makes them aware that they can write and write well enough.

They could be taken on short trips to zoo, parks, entertainment parks, a musical fountain show, etc. the account of which they could write and submit it for review. Also taking part in short story writing, poem and essay writing competitions are several ways of indulging your child into the world of reading, imagining, viewing and writing it down in your own words.

Minu Aravind is a self-motivated writer and blogger with an ability to develop unique content, is associated with enquiries Indian schools. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and focuses to develop blogs and articles in the field of education, parenting, and child development and so on.



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