Protecting Mother Earth

The Earth Day just went few weeks ago and many environmentalists would have taken an oath to themselves of bringing about a change in the present state of “on the verge of destruction” of the Earth. I once read a short story written by an 8th grade student, who got up to experience a different yet beautiful and clean place, which had lots of animals, beautiful animals, wide blue sea, clear waterfalls, and pastel green vegetation around her.

To her surprise she could see animals talk and when they spoke, the girl just had to shut her mouth, because those beautiful creatures were angry on the human encroachment over wildlife and mass destruction of forests, just to make more profits and money and search for their comforts. The girl was asked to do her part of cleaning up the environment, which would also apply to every children living on this earth that if each one of us did our own part of keeping our environment healthy and green, then probably we would not have to face so many diseases, natural calamities and several other problems that are coming because man is greedy for new revolution and the revolution is constantly destroying the earth bit by bit.

Every year on World Earth Day, people take out rally’s with slogans written on planks to stop corrupting the environment. But do we ever realise that instead of just doing it for a day, we should form small groups and take charge of small areas, which we as individuals can ensure to keep it clean and pollution free.

Only by introducing environment education into teaching curriculum will never ever solve our problems, it’s a deep concern and we have to dig deep to make sure the concern finds a deeper solution. Like Field trips should be organized to the exotic nearby locations, which are key areas of grave concern of the environmental degradation that is taking place. Subsequently, the matter should be discussed by involving students in a debate that would generate interest amongst the students to share their opinions, ideas and viewpoints regarding what they feel about a particular on-going development project that is receiving negative publicity and protests from the indigenous people of those areas. Only, when a child feels connected to an issue will there be some kind of an interest that would be kindled to know more about that topic and also find subsequent ways of overcoming the problem.

Minu Aravind is a self-motivated writer and blogger with an ability to develop unique content, is associated with India’s top 10 schools Bangalore. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and focuses to develop blogs and articles in the field of education, parenting, and child development and so on.



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