Fitness Curriculum for School Children

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, but it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” These are the famous and inspiring words of the 35th President of United States John F. Kennedy. School admission in Bangalore are planning to bring some renovations into the physical aspect of the students and therefore, apart from different courts for different games, gyms are also being constructed and highly efficient gym equipment’s are being brought in so that bigger kids can practise some healthy routine diet in their curriculum.

Gym training has a lot of significance in every person’s life, though heavy weights and other equipment’s in gym are not meant to be used by adolescents, but under an accomplished trainers guidance they could learn simple exercises that would help them to improve their stamina, their metabolism rate improves, and most important of all is that, their weight reduces. The prime reasons why most people join a gym are because they are over-weight and are advised by their physicians to reduce weight Or else it can lead to several diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart problems and several other health related issues which can also lead to death.

However, children in schools don’t face such a threat, but soon obesity is becoming a serious cause of concern amongst many young adults, which can result from sheer lethargies, or highly unhealthy eating habits that most families pursue these days. However light weight exercises are highly recommendable for them and moreover every exercise goes along well complimented with a proper diet control.

Physical fitness is being inculcated into the daily curriculum of the child, which includes yoga, sports, martial arts, learning of dance forms etc. This aspect is highly essential and helps in shedding those extra pounds at an early stage. Every schools wants its pupils to be fit and fine, academics is important but physical fitness cannot be neglected, so different types of sports are introduced into the curriculum, making it mandatory for all students to be a part of minimum one activity.

Gym is also considered to be a style and fashion statement for most youngsters in school and they are joining gym to not only maintain the physique but also to be a heartthrob of every boy or girl respectively at school. Well the adolescent musings are aspects which go away with age, but effective workouts bring effective results.


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