Flair for English

Learning English at the pre-school level is vital for the evolution of kids at an early age. The initial phase might begin in kinder-garden and the major procedure is group-study, however, sometimes this education technique gets replaced with private programs – home module so as to attain a higher level of language proficiency.

There is absolutely no element of surprise that teaching kids is pretty difficult as tutors are asked to match limitless patience with a lucid tactic in order to gain expected results in a certain field of interest and preschool English is not an exception to rule.

Therefore, preschool English educators have to adopt a different teaching method and also to expand additional competencies so as to do their job accurately; the basics for teaching preschool English are serenity, composure and the capacity to leave behind all personal worries in order to establish the satisfactory means of communication with the youngest generations.

The major tasks for all preschool teachers cover diverse play classes, which contain on their turn a didactic role, furthermore, these interactive methods rely on spontaneity, animation, vivacity and understanding. Kids have the best tuned receptors when it comes to people. This is why teachers will never be able to fake the basic featured requirements of this particularly special profession. As a plus, preschool English could be taught by a native English speaker, something that could enhance children’s abilities in speaking English. In this way, the advantage of infusing knowledge in the sponged mind of an early aged would be doubled by the continuous English communication with a person who has no knowledge of their mother language.

Nonetheless, the level of efficiency is closely connected to some aspects such as each child’s ability to assimilate information, established educational aims and time management; furthermore, each training course might be optimized as long as teachers apply helpful teaching approaches. There are lots (maybe even hundreds) of strategies of teaching preschool English. Most of them can be found in specific books for teachers. Some of them, of course, are better known. In any case, among the best known teaching techniques for preschool English should be:

• while playing and interacting, kids, more or less voluntarily, use their linguistic knowledge, for that reason, many teachers apply bonus incentive strategies so as to enlarge notably communication skills (attractive pictures, flash cards, interactive games have a common purpose – to generate communication bonds among children and their teacher).

It is quite a challenge to diffuse the child from their native languages and make them learn the alien language as most of them consider. But on a wider perspective, English forms a base to communicate with other foreign people, which otherwise would become quite difficult using our own native languages. Besides, childhood is an age where one can mould the kid’s preferences and choices to like something and learn things which are new pretty fast.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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