Fun Learning Arithmetic

There is an amazing technique that changes the skills and attitudes of math students. It teaches students to understand math in a whole new way. For those students who count fingers to solve simple addition questions or students who count sets (8 + 8 + 8…) for simple multiplication questions, math becomes easy. In any given class there are one third of the students who struggle with math and another third that are completely lost. This technique, if done properly, lifts these students to a level of understanding that changes how they look at numbers.

How does this technique work in a student’s life? It is actually very specific, precise images that help students create it in their minds. Think of an engine of a car. Even though a car is easy to drive, the engine is a complex design of parts that work together to create energy. The same is true of the images used to teach math which are called the Magic Numbers. They are specifically designed images that come from mnemonic research, key math patterns and mental connections that have been adapted from years of in class experience. Simply put, they are images that connect numbers to things children can relate to and remember.

Techniques are just simple ways of learning quick tricks of maths, which will be helpful to solve bigger problems in small duration. However, parents are always concerned about education in terms that just makes their child an academic wizard, but that is not how education should take care, children should be taught the basics of every chapter in maths, which will allow them to understand that why a certain problem is to be solved in a certain way.

Also, the power of visual teaching is known to have borne interest in several students and have worked towards academic progress. Like the technique used for arithmetic where the child is shown images and based on those images is explained the theory that is to be applied into the problem. It is quite an effective teaching methodology and students love to study with the help of visual aids instead of the regular book and blackboard teaching method.


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