How is Civic Lessons Important for Children

Our civics is the platform for learning the country present political and economic and defensive state of art affairs. Civic lessons are very important for every child to learn, they like it or don’t, because these lessons help a child to understand what are it civic rights in their own country.

Our country is in a stage of developments, and is booming with a growing economic growth. Thanks to the government of India who has seen to the developmental need of our country and has taken action accordingly. Our country now has a thriving economy, with several upcoming schemes and plans that will directly benefit the country on an International level.

Now, for instance, education is also a vital sector of growth for which government is investing large sums of money to motivate every kid to learn, read and write. However, with the butting in of the school admissions in India, the Indian economy is striving to achieve excellence. International schools, which aims to provide an international curriculum to the children to ensure a professional and highly qualified education career to bank upon.

Civics is an integral part of our country; many competitive Indian Administrative exams are based on what we learn when we are studying civics right from 8th std. to 10th std. We learn about our constitution, how the Indian Constitution has been made by many learned men, who made sure that the seven basic rights of the citizens of our country, the laws for amendment of our constitution which have been amended several times, in order to bring forth changes that will benefit our own country when time comes.

A constitution is a book that contains rules and regulations that govern the affairs within a country. It helps the country and its ministers who are at the helm of managing a country. Civics is important to learn because it will give us knowledge about the various laws, sub laws, rights, and will give a better know-how about several political stances that governs the country.

Professions demand a lot of knowledge, but civics is just not a part of knowledge that we acquire during schools 2014  and then forgo as soon as it is over. It teaches us about how our country struggled to obtain the freedom of which we are a part today and are taking pride in.


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